Vegetarian Biryani with Curried Creamy Tomato Sauce

Vegetarian Biryani with Rich Tomato Sauce

I mentioned in my last post that Sammy was a good sport about having a Moroccan inspired bundt cake for her birthday cake when my in laws were visiting. She and Alex are both always good sports about the birthday meals I prepare for them when my in laws are here. Because I love creating interesting Indian meals for my in laws. They are wonderfully not picky, appreciative of my efforts, and, best of all, they love Indian food.

Dutch oven filled with vegetarian biryani

Which is not to say I ignore Sammy and Alex’s preferences. But let’s just say I limit their options.

I chose this vegetarian biryani because my children love rice, potatoes and sweet potatoes, and because it allowed me to serve a separate protein dish (in this case a shrimp and chicken dish). I was not wowed by the protein dish, but this biryani was fabulous. It is quite mild, as it is meant to be served with Curried Creamy Tomato Sauce, although I am confident you could also serve it with chutneys to jazz it up.

Sweet and Creamy Indian Tomato Sauce on Vegetarian Biryani

Despite what I just said, the Curried Creamy Tomato Sauce is what makes this meal perfect for a celebration. Not because it is a lot of work, but rather because it is absolutely divine and really rich. The biryani is the perfect vehicle for it. And if you have ever wished you could replicate the flavor of the rich north Indian tomato based curries served in most Indian restaurants in America, look no more. This sauce is it–and you can use it as a base to add different proteins or vegetables to. Or you can drizzle it on this biryani. Or you could lick it off a car bumper. Seriously.

Do note that this recipe, while quite simple, is a longer one, requiring various elements to be cooked separately before mixing them all together. Read through the recipe completely before beginning. And I promise it is all worth it in the end!

Curried Tomato Sauce on Lucknow Vegetarian Biryani


If you are serving the biryani with the Curried Creamy Tomato Sauce, make the sauce while the biryani is baking.


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    I LOVE how not-super-picky your kids are!! I really hope mine have an appreciation for Indian food because I’ll never stop eating it! This biryani sounds amazing. I’ll definitely be making it…and perhaps using it to introduce the boyfriend to the wonders of Indian cuisine!

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    i am such fan of potatoes biryani…. in fact wanting to make a baby potatoes biryani soon… i also liked the lucknowi biryani you have posted. I have to get laxmi hiremath’s book soon. The tomato curry also looks delicious with the cashews and spices. I will be trying the tomato curry next time when I make a veg pilaf or jeera rice.
    dassana recently style veg dum biryaniMy Profile

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