Buckwheat & Yogurt Waffles with Hot Buttered Maple Syrup

Hot Buttered Maple Syrup pouring onto Buckwheat Waffles

I never used to butter my waffles. To me it was added fat that I could not taste. Mind you, we are talking about a habit that stretches back to my early childhood, so who knows if I really could taste the butter or not. And then I was talking to a friend, who commented that the point was not the fat so much as salty richness in counterpoint to the sweet maple.

buckwheat waffle batter

Oh. Now there was something I had not considered. But when I went to do it, it just still seemed pointless, trying to evenly spread the butter into those holes. And then inevitably, the maple syrup would be cold from the fridge, because I usually forget to take it out in advance, and it would stop the butter from melting and make the waffles cool off (OK, here is where I confess I was raised on the fake corn syrup stuff that does not need to be refrigerated, so about the time I started experimenting with butter I also started experimenting with real maple syrup). It just made so much more sense to me to melt them together and use them hot.

Based on the reaction I got from my kids, I think we will start using this syrup on all of my waffles.

Buckwheat and yogurt waffles with hot buttered maple syrup

Now about the waffles themselves. Somehow they are hearty without being heavy. They are crisp and absolutely delicious. Dawn Yanagihara, whose cookbook they come from, comments that they are uncommonly flexible for having so much character. She has served them under maple syrup and has also served them under smoked salmon, sautéed apples, or even just oranged flavored butter. I believe it.

Hot Buttered Maple Syrup on Buckwheat and Yogurt Waffles





  1. says

    We didn’t have a waffle iron when I was little but whenever we slept over at my aunt’s house she would make us some Belgians for breakfast and my favorite part was always that salty sweet butter/maple syrup combo! I love that these waffles themselves are just a tad bit healthier with the buckwheat and yogurt.

  2. mother says

    The reason you grew up without maple syrup on the table is that your dad did not like it, and we could not afford it. He grew up a child of the working poor in the city. I grew up a child of the working poor in the country; therefore, maple syrup was a special treat for me. In later days, every time I tried it on you kids, you rejected it! Now you know what’s good. And by the way, your dad would love those waffles.

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